What now?

Through this course, I have had some significant developments in journalistic skills, but also in realizations and lessons that will stick with me both in my work and in my general life. … More What now?

It sounds so simple.

When the Truth and Reconciliation Commission published its 94 calls to action, journalism schools across the country were specifically called upon to change. The schools were asked to include education and history of Indigenous people into media programs. In my opinion, there could have been a lot more to call journalism schools to change. We … More It sounds so simple.

A Casual Obsession

For Christmas this year, I decided to put together an explanation of how I’m so obsessed with my sister, for anyone who was confused, or wondering, or just want to see how much I love my sister. My sister and I are super close, for anyone who doesn’t know. We sleep together every night when … More A Casual Obsession