About North of Ordinary

IMG_0250 (1)
Fish Lake near Whitehorse, Yukon on a cool summer morning

“There are strange things done in the midnight sun…” These famous words of Robert Service have been ringing in my ears since I was seven and we memorized The Cremation of Sam McGee at school.

Well, it took me 18 years but here I am in the midnight sun in Whitehorse, Yukon. A part of the country not many Canadians experience in their lifetime, and I get an entire two months here. This category is dedicated to my time here in the Yukon, and will be largely taken up by posting for the course I’m taking through Carleton’s Journalism program.

The course focuses on Indigenous reconciliation in the north, and we’ve been tasked to blog throughout the course (a good way to force my hand to the keyboard, as I’ve already spent three weeks in the Yukon and have not written about it yet).

This section will likelyhave a different tone than my previous blogs. Less about me, more about the people I’m encountering on my journey here. I will tell many wonderful stories, and many will not be my own. And there will be much better photos than my other posts, one of the skills I’m acquiring through this course.

Here’s to new adventures, new stories and new perspectives.

P.S. North of Ordinary is actually the name of a magazine in the Yukon, but it was too perfect a title to pass up.