See You Later, Canada

I am incredibly glad I decided to hop my way across Canada to get to Thailand. I think it has made my massive step towards autonomy seem much smaller, or seem like a culmination of little steps, and to be honest I almost forgot I was going. I got so caught up being in Calgary visiting my lovely a Cappella friend Nicole and others, and chilling with the boys (my former UBC roommates) and my sister in Vancouver that when Megan reminded me I was leaving in 24 hours yesterday, I had this face 0.0 (wildly wide eyes). I was having so much fun, and sinking back into Vancouver habits like going to the cliffs at sunset and eating at Sophie’s that I forgot I wasn’t staying. How could I not want to stay with these clowns (the boys, or most of them anyway):

This week was a great way to ease myself into travel. I was staying with friends (though Nicole’s hospitality was like a hotel, complete with freshly-cleaned bathroom towel set for me to use – love her), so had constant company.  Nicole and I took a lovely stroll after I arrived because Calgary weather decided to be kind to me this weekend. 

And so my week consisted mostly of socializing, and eating. Hey, I’m definitely not complaining. Tacos and sushi and Sophie’s and stew, I’ve definitely got some extra pounds coming with me to Thailand. I’ll work them off I’m sure. 

Also, I’ve now been loaded with luck:

That’s right, folks. A bird pooped on my head. This was after my friend Colin’s (the super tall boy in the first photo) 6 month old nephew puked on me too. So I washed the poop off in the bathroom sink in Stanley park and headed on my merry way to dinner. I don’t think I smelled but it’s entirely possible. Sorry to my dinner dates! I won’t lie, I thought it was all hilarious. Plus now I’ve got luck for my trip, extra bonus!

So after a fabulous and relaxing week, I’m now sitting in the airplane waiting for them to tell me I have to shut off my phone (or put it on airplane mode at least). And I’m not freaking out. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s 2 a.m. and my Tylenol nighttime is kicking in, but I’m pretty calm. Guess that wasn’t the final freak-out frontier I thought it would be. Won’t lie, I wept reading my goodbye things from family and friends, but no panic. Maybe I’m mentally prepared for this, guys. Maybe. 

Talk to you in Thailand.

Rachel Coulter


One thought on “See You Later, Canada

  1. So much love goes with you on your adventures, my darling baby girl. That’s good luck too . (The bird poop is a batter story though.)
    We will all follow your adventures with great interest!
    All my love, Mom xoxoxox

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